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Up-cycled ribbon storage.

Hi everyone,

Here is my upcycled ribbon storage.


I have used a long aluminium foil middle and two lolly sticks from twizzler ice lollys. They are round dowel sticks rather than your usual sticks.


I cut the aluminium foil tube in half and then measured 7 cm up from the bottom of each one and put a hole in it.

I then measured 2 cm down from the top and put another hole in them both. The hole has to be big enough to take the dowel but still a snug fit.


Do not glue them in. You need to be able to take them in and out to put your ribbons on.


It isn’t the most sturdy of structures and so is still a work in progress. I also am looking for some buttons the right size and colour to fit on the top of the foil middles. I have a shorter foil middle that is waiting for a partner so I can make one with three rows. If you look at the top picture I have all of my scraps of ribbon in a big glass jam jar.

Here is my first attempt at ribbon storage with toilet roll middles. It worked but took up more space and was unattractive.


I hope you like this idea. Let me know by clicking the like button below.


Please leave me a comment. They are all greatly appreciated.

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