Tip of the day 17

Tip of the day 17 – Use what you’ve got.

Have you seen a new technique on create and craft, you tube or in a magazine? Think about how you can recreate it with the crafting items you have got. If they are using a particular type of alcohol markers and you don’t have them use the ones you have got eg Promarkers,spectrum noirs, copics, chameleon pens even sharpies. They are all the same type of ink so can be used the same, you can even use them together. If you don’t have alcohol markers, use the colouring mediums you do have – watercolour markers, pencil crayons, watercolour paints. Don’t feel you have to spend a fortune getting all the supplies. No-one has everything.

Often new techniques are discovered this way. Don’t be afraid to experiment. The worse that will happen is you have to throw a piece of card away.


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