Tip of the day 18

Tip of the day 18. Use the right paper and card.

There is a good reason there is so many different types of paper and card out there and finding the right card for the right job is difficult.

Stamping – My favourite is Sheena’s stamping card from Crafters Companion, but there are plenty of card stocks out there that are good for stamping. This card also doesn’t have chalk in it so the ink will move about on your card stock and will blend easily.

Colouring – For alcohol inks I like Neenah, also from Crafter’s Companion. For water colouring mediums (including pencils and pens), I am still looking for a good watercolour paper that is nice and smooth, but not very expensive. Until then I am using Sheena’s stamping card. It is very good and doesn’t warp too much.

Printing – You can print on many types of paper and card. Try different textures for different affects. DON’T use copier paper. It is the vampire paper for your ink and what you save on paper you spend on ink. It has a high chalk content that soaks up lot’s of ink. Leaving your paper very wet. Coated paper such as photo paper not only gives better images but also uses very little ink. Neenah is also very good.


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