My Mug!

I thought I’d show you my mug. I have had it for many years. I did use to drink hot drinks out of it as a student, but I soon found that they went cold very quickly. I now use it for my crafts.


It sits on my shelf looking pretty and I keep any die cuts I make in it. If I have scraps of card left over I like to die cut shapes out of it. I then store them in my cup until I’m thinking “this card just need something” and then I rummage through it.


I, also use the saucer when I want to rummage through something such as buttons. I pour them out of their storage container and then I can see what I’m looking a,t to find the one I want. It is then easy to put them away again. I hope you like this storage idea. Have a look around your own home when looking for storage. You don’t always have to buy expensive storage.


Please leave me a comment. They are all greatly appreciated.

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