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I thought I’d share a project I have made using my Big Score, Centura Pearl cardstock and card stock printed with Sara Davies Signature collection English Country Garden Papers. These are available on the CD ROM free with Crafter’s Inspiration Magazine issue 10. I now have 9 of these magazines and needed something to store them in.


What you need –

  • two sheets of blue centura pearl cardstock with 2 1/2″cut off the short edge.
  • one sheet of pink centura pearl cardstock
  • three sheets of cardstock printed with the papers from the CD ROM (two the same)


  1. Take a piece of blue centura pearl with 2 1/2″ cut from the short edge and score 2″ from the short edge.
  2. Put this scored edge at the top of the big score and score at 1″ and 3″ down the length of the card.
  3. Turn the card all the way round so the first score line is at the bottom and make a mark at 3″
  4. Turn the card so the short score line edge is at the left side score at 9″ from the bottom to the second score line. (remember to use the measurement from the top)
  5. Cut away this tab and then score from your 3″ mark to the corner of the tab you have cut away. Then cut this away too.
  6. Burnish all your score lines and cut away the triangles as shown in the diagram below.


  7. With your second piece of card make sure you have cut away 2 1/2″ from the short edge and then score 2″ from this edge and make a mark at 9″
  8. Put this score line at the top and score at 1″ and 3″.
  9. Turn all the way around and make a mark at the bottom at 9″ from the bottom (using the measurements at the top)
  10. Cut between this mark and the mark you made at 3″.
  11. Cut away the tabs and triangle as shown above.

You should now have two piece as shown above that just need gluing together. Before glueing together it is easier to do your decorating now.

I matted and layer my pieces of card stock with the pink centura pearl before sticking them to my magazine file. This not only looks good but adds extra strength to the file.

I also cut a piece of left over blue card to 2″ by 8 5/8″ to place inside to add extra strength to the bottom.

Here is the finished magazine file shown from both sides –

If you want to make a wider magazine file cut less off the card stock and make your tabs smaller.

For example for a file 2 1/2″ wide only cut two inches off the short sides and score at  2 1/2″ and 1/2″ and 3″ down the long sides.

This is the second project I have made with the big score so please let me know if you like it and I would love to see any magazine files you make.

Keep it Crafty!


Please leave me a comment. They are all greatly appreciated.

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